Others make Santa Claus costumes. I make Santa's clothes.


Production Process

I do not have a "production" suit. Each suit is designed and tailored to you so you can be the most authentic, believable Santa you can possibly be. You can start with one of our basic platforms and customize from there or we can design something totally unique to you.

When you let us know what you want, we will prepare a quote that includes all upgrades, if any, plus shipping and insurance. If you agree to the quote we will then send you an invoice for approximately 1/3 of your total order as a deposit. Once you have made your deposit, we will schedule a video phone call to take your measurements. For that call, you will need two helpers. One to hold the phone and the other to take the measurements. That way we get the measurements just as if we were there taking them in person. There are suit makers out there that if something doesn't fit, their first response is to say that you didn't take your measurements right. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. We don't even want to entertain that as a possibility, so we supervise the taking of the measurements. If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area or are willing to travel to the area, we can do the measuring and fitting sessions in person.

After we have your measurements, we will prepare a work order and assign a seamstress to your project. As workflow allows, they will prepare a set of muslin fitting garments for each of the garments that you've ordered. The "muslins" will be mailed to you along with some safety pins, a sharpie pen and samples of the standard buttons that come with the garments you've ordered along with samples have some possible upgrade buttons. When you receive the package, we will schedule another video call to do the fitting session. Again, you will need two helpers, one to hold the phone and the other to pin and markup the garments. When you send the muslins and buttons back, the second 1/3 payment is due.

When we receive the muslins back, that establishes your suit in the order of production. Our production is based on when we receive the muslins back, not on when the order was placed. The quicker you can schedule the fitting session and get the muslins back to us, the quicker you get your suit.

When your suit is complete, we will photograph it, send you the photos and invoice you for the final payment. On receipt of payment, we will box and ship the suit to you.

Why natural fibers?

Wool/Cashmere - 100% wool
I use 100% Wool and Wool/Cashmere blends that are incredibly soft to the touch and looks like the amazing real clothing that you know Santa wears. You simply cannot get that look from polyester velvet or velour. It photographs superbly. And NO, it's not hot. The natural fibers allow your body to breathe making the suit comfortable to wear over a wide range of temperatures.

By careful fabric selections and combinations, we make the most comfortable Santa clothing available. Our fabrics are chosen to provide you with a comfort level over a much wider temperature range than anything else on the market whether off-the-rack or custom. We obtain mill spec sheets and flame test all fabrics to verify natural fiber content. These are hands down, the most comfortable, authentic, beautiful Santa suits available.


LINING - The lining material is most often overlooked but, in my opinion, it is the most critical factor in wearer comfort. Our 100% Cupro Bemberg lining material is milled in Italy from the soft downy fibers surrounding cotton seeds. This results in a highly breathable, superior moisture wicking, fabric that is cotton but has the look and feel of silk. I pay more for my lining material than the vast majority of "custom" suit makers pay for their outer materials. The lining is critical  for wearer comfort. If you were to buy a $6,000 custom Men's Italian business suit, in all probability it would be lined with this fabric. I am constantly amazed at other suit makers who in their attempt to make a breathable suit will use a wool blend outer material then line it with a cheap polyester satin lining destroying any chance of breathability of the outer material. It is like wrapping your body in plastic wrap, no way for your body to breathe and it feels incredibly hot to wear.

100% WOOL FABRIC (12 oz per square yard) - This is the lightest, most breathable outer material available. This outer material combined with our lining material is hands-down the most comfortable, breathable suits available anywhere. This is a great choice for a Santa whose work is primarily indoors. Don't be fooled by others "wool suits" that are made with a wool blend containing a high percentage of synthetic fibers. If wearer comfort is really important to you, this should be your fabric of choice.

This wool is made from long fibers and has a nice hand - not that scratchy Army blanket feel. Like all our natural fiber outer materials, this has superb light refraction qualities making it a superior choice for photography.

WOOL/CASHMERE FABRIC (13 oz & 19 oz per square yard) - These Wool/Cashmeres are the most luxurious outer materials available. They feel incredibly soft. The kids just want to snuggle into it and not let go. The 13 oz wool/cashmere is a dark cranberry color, and the 19 oz is a bright red. While slightly  warmer than the 100% wool, even the 19 oz wool/cashmere is more comfortable to wear than any other suits available. If luxuriousness  is your goal, this is the fabric of choice.

CHRISTMAS BROCADE FABRIC (5.8 oz per square yard) - This is our one big step away from natural fiber fabrics. This is a heavier weight polyester satin fabric. The patterns are woven into the fabric, not printed on. The difference is stunning. The patterns are woven in metallic threads. Gold metallic thread on the red, green, and gold fabrics and silver metallic threads on the silver fabric.

The fabric comes in four colors: red, green, gold and silver. There are four patterns available: Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, Stars and Snowflakes. Each color is available with each pattern.

This fabric is very sturdy. In fact, we use it to make our Santa Toy Bags, Skirts, Dresses, Waistcoats and Vests. Combined with the superior breathability and moisture wicking properties of our lining, this a comfortable clothing option.

FUR - Tissavel Volga Arctic Fox Fur is the most realistic faux fur available. When you roll it around in the light, it has a slight color change just like real Arctic Fox Fur. When the Tissavel company went out of business several years ago, and American company bought the rights to their manufacturing process and designs and started making them again. When the pandemic hit, they made the decision to discontinue these furs as they cost over twice as much as any other faux fur to manufacture. We went to their special-order department and had their mill run a production order just for Santa's Tailor. For the foreseeable future, we are the sole source for this superior quality fur.

FABRIC SAMPLE KIT - Nothing beats being able to see and feel fabrics in person. To that end, we have prepared this kit which contains samples of our 100% Wool fabrics, Wool/Cashmeres, Lining Material, Fur, Christmas Brocades, and Trim examples. If you order a suit from us, we will deduct the price of this kit from your suit order.

Fabric Sample Kit $20.00

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