Others make Santa Claus costumes. I make Santa's clothes.



Wow! Just wow!!

Bill these suits are better than I expected and my expectations were high! Thank you so so much!

I would have called to tell you in person but after work Mrs. Claus and I had to set up a photo set. I haven’t been home long.

Absolutely gorgeous work and a perfect fit. Thank you so much again!!!

~ Shepard


Bill Dendy at Santa’s Tailor is just amazing. The saying, “vestis virum facit” meaning “clothes make the man” is never truer than the Santa clothes made by Bill.

When I started my journey to become a Santa Claus, I started with a Majestic Santa Suite and their beard. As a ‘friends and family’ and volunteer Santa, I have to say I just didn’t “feel like Santa”, I felt like a pretend character. Then I found Santa’s Tailor online. Talking to Bill, I could appreciate the authenticity of his designs and clothing. His Cola Santa Jacket reminded me of the impressive design I saw in “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen.

Additionally, Bill helped me source other fantastic creators for additional Santa props – from Custom Wig and Beard to New Creation Leather and many others. I may have driven Bill a bit crazy, I did have a few unique requests, but his patience prevailed, and he delivered the most amazing set of Santa Clothes. It was worth the wait and cost. Every single penny of cost.

Now, when I done the red coat, I feel like Santa. It’s almost as if the red coat possessed the actual Spirit of Christmas.

Well done Bill and Thank you.

~ Martin


I worked a mall in Beverly Hills this weekend. I could not count how many people commented on my suit. I literally had a number of people crying and saying they believed I was the real Santa Claus. They loved the look you provided for me. THANKS!!

~ Wheeler


"The apparel oft proclaims the man" (Shakespeare, the Tragedy of Hamlet, written around 1600).

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society" (More Maxims of Mark by Mark Twain, edited by Merle Johnson, 1927).

"Others make Santa Claus costumes. I make Santa's clothes." (Bill Dendy, Santa's Tailor)

As an actor / singer each time I've been on stage I've come to recognize the effect of a complete package. You might sing well. You might recite lines well. You may play an instrument well. You may emote vocally in song or scenes well. Your tone either vocally or instrumentally can be awesome. You can (and I believe should) perform at such a level where it doesn't matter what you look like or how you dress. But just like wrapping paper and a bow can heighten the impact of the gift within, attention the to detail of dress (costuming for some) of the performer can 'complete' that same level of exchange of 'the gift' to the audience. I have found this to be so true for me as Santa that I quickly took to finding the best package I could for my character.
Enter Santa Bill Dendy: Santa's Tailor. "Maker of bespoke Santa Claus and Christmas bespoke clothing and purveyor of fine fabrics. Wear Santa's clothes, not a costume."

Made custom to order of a fine, fully lined wool cashmere blend, I began and ended my 2020 season in complete comfort, and simplistic elegance allowing me the flexibility of 4 looks from casual to formal (with French cuffs mind you). While certainly warm for indoor events (Santa has to be warm in the snow, but Bill's motto includes not giving him heat stroke) it was never uncomfortable indoors and this year's focus on more outdoor events proved ideal for seeing how the various combinations played with and without the waistcoat. And I quickly adapted to the best configurations to play guitar and ukulele from: in the end they ALL worked.
The audience reaction was always fantastic and seeing 'the look' of many (some that I even overheard saying) that proclaimed the 'real Santa' was there was humbling.

Bill Dendy, Santa's Tailor is easy to work with, fun to talk to, and delivers from experience plus - the finest of clothing! I never hesitated throughout the process to trust in Bill and was rewarded with a versatile and gorgeous set of clothes that this Santa will utilize to the best result I can.

Thanks Santa Bill!

~ Lagrone


As a relatively new Santa, I wanted to ensure that my first impression with those I was visiting or came to visit would be a good one. After doing extensive we research and comparing various providers, I decided to choose Bill and Santa's Tailor to make my clothing and was glad I did. Bill made the process easy, even redesigning his already exceptional clothing to fit desired "look". He assiduously walked me through the steps of the making of the jacket and pants, from an initial virtual fitting, where Bill oversaw the measurements through phone video, to a FaceTime follow up, with Bill supervising marking up the muslin mockup.

The suit I received is absolutely stunning. I have received dozens of compliments from parents, a number of them confiding that they were seamstresses, telling me that the suit was the most detailed and well-made they had ever seen. It has been so well-received that I ordered an outerwear robe to allow me some versatility in my wardrobe choices.

Thank you Bill for truly being Santa's Tailor!!!

~ Dodds


I ordered a suit form Santa's Tailor, LLC in 2019 and couldn't be happier. The process was detailed in terms of getting the right measurements and the communication from Bill was fantastic as he kept me informed every step of the way and answered any questions I had.

My suit is of the highest quality, amazingly well made and Bill stands by his product. I get at least 3-4 comments during every event I do about how beautiful the suit is.

Thanks Santa's Tailor, LLC

~ Dubreuil


There are a number of sources for custom suits, but Santa's Tailor has an eye for classy Christmas style and searches far and wide to provide exceptional material of natural fibers for the shirts, coats and suits.
As a Santa in Texas heat, natural, breathable fibers inside and out are essential. You pay more, but it is easily worth it. The lining in the pant feels like silk pajamas. The fur is super plush. Style details like the drop front pant makes removing your coat with no waistcoat authentic (and they have pockets). I will never buy a suit from anyone else.

~ Hagood


My suit was delivered today. I put it on and kicked back in my easy chair and continued watching a movie. I wanted to see if I got too hot in it. Well I ummm fell asleep... But I'm awake now and can attest to the fact that I am not over heating. 😅🤣😂

Oh ya, I think it fits me very well. And it matches up to my expectations, great material and quality craftsmanship. Thanks Bill nice doing business with you. 🎅👍

~ North Star Santa


Stocking Stuffer Steve was looking to embrace the Olde World Santa look and this suit by Santa's Tailor has truly achieved this.

I am able to remove my jacket and still retain this appearance. The fabric's color matches perfectly with many of Mrs. Claus's ensembles. Having the front flap and buttons on the knickers makes for convenience and also enhances the look.

The prancing embroidered reindeer on the jacket adds a touch of uniqueness. Also, the adjustable lacing on the back of the vest and knickers allows room for growth as Santa enjoys more cookies.

Thanks, Bill, for helping to create this work of art!

Stocking Stuffer Steve

~ Yurasits


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